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Resin vs. Wood vs. Metal Sheds

  • Resin Sheds

  • Wood Sheds

  • Metal Sheds

  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Rot, insect, and rust-resistant
  • Easy to assemble

With a variety of sizes available, resin sheds are a cost-efficient alternative to wooden sheds. Horti Cubic’s ability to use recycled materials also makes resin a sustainable and visually appealing alternative, as many of the sheds replicate the look and feel of wood without the negative environmental effects.

  • Not insect, fire, or weather-resistant
  • High maintenance

There’s a reason why sheds are now created in a variety of materials. Wood is also not environmentally sustainable, pricier, and can easily rot. They aren’t the best option for anyone that wants a low-maintenance and weather-resistant option.

  • Need to be anchored to a base
  • Not resistant to rust

However, unlike wooden sheds, metal sheds must be anchored to a base and are limited in size, styles, and customizations. Metal sheds are not resistant to rust and because of the weight of the metal, it’s not easy to transport either. If you’re looking for a shed that you can work inside, is easy to assemble, and is visually appealing, we’d recommend you don’t choose a metal shed.

Resin vs Wood vs Metal Sheds
Resin vs Wood vs Metal Sheds
Resin vs Wood vs Metal Sheds
  • High Performance

    Will never warp, rot, rust, dent, or peel no matter the weather.

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  • Perfect Service

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Different Types of Outdoor Storage

Storage sheds tend to be the most talked about when it comes to outdoor storage. However, you can utilize so many other items to store everything safely away. Deck boxes, storage benches, storage cabinet and more are all great additions to your outdoor space and storage lineup.

What Can You Store?

So, what can you store in deck boxes, storage benches, storage cabinets, and shed? So much! Of course, if you’re using a storage shed, you can store larger items like lawnmowers, snow blowers, outdoor furniture, and other larger items. Deck box and storage benches are great for cushions, pool toys, grilling equipment, and gardening tools. Storage cabinets are a great place for sporting equipment, tools, pool maintenance supplies, and small outdoor toys.


When it comes to outdoor storage, you want to double and triple-check the durability of what you’re using. We get it! You don’t want your items to get broken or soiled. For durability, Horti Cubic’s resin outdoor storage solutions will keep your items safe and sound with little to no maintenance. 

Material Types 

Speaking of durability, Horti Cubic’s outdoor storage solutions are durable because of their sturdy resin construction. Resin is much more durable than wood or metal. It requires little maintenance and it’s weather resistant, unlike other materials. So, your outdoor storage will not crack, rot, rust, or peel which is a huge relief when it comes to outdoor storage and keeping items safe.


Another great thing about Horti Cubic’s outdoor storage solutions is that they come in so many sizes. Maybe you haven’t quite convinced your husband to let you add a large shed to the backyard, so you get a small shed or medium-sized storage shed. Perhaps you’d prefer some hidden storage, so a storage bench is more what you need. No matter what size storage you need, Horti Cubic has a solution.

Securing the Perimeter

Lastly, you might be wondering about the security of your storage. Hopefully, no one will try to get into your yard, but it is good to be prepared. As a solution, all Horti Cubic outdoor storage solutions include a spot for a padlock. So, you can always lock everything up, if needed.