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Propane Firepit 58,000 BTU

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Stainless Steel with an Enamel Finish

Include Free Portable Bag & 10" hose and regulator & 5 lb. Natural Lava Rock Set & Propane Tank Stabilizer Ring

Electric ignition & Chrome Knob & 58,000 BTU Burner

CSA approved & One year warranty

A Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grilling Net


Create the perfect ambiance with our selection of propane fire pits. Enjoy a smokeless flame, and conveniently take your portable fire pit on every adventure – from the backyard to the backwoods. Typically fire ban safe.

Feature & Benefit

  • Superior Construction and Safety - Built to last with heavy-duty stainless and alloy steels, this fire pit offers a robust 58,000 BTU flame while ensuring safety through its CSA-approved design, making it compatible with most outdoor environments.
  • Enhanced Cooking Feature - Elevate your outdoor culinary game with the newly added 17.71in flat pan, designed for versatility. Whether steaming, boiling, or cooking, this durable pan integrates seamlessly with the fire pit, expanding your outdoor dining options.
  • Feature-Rich and User-Friendly - Equipped with a BBQ Rack and natural lava rocks, this fire pit enhances both the taste and aesthetics of your outdoor cooking. The electric impulse ignition ensures easy start-up, adhering to North American safety standards.
  • Portable Design - At just 30 lbs and with dimensions of 19" L x 19" W x 11" H, Pre-assembled 10-foot hose, this fire pit is built for ease of transport and setup, making it perfect for any outdoor occasion. Enjoy a clean, smokeless flame that adds warmth and ambiance.
  • Complete Kit for Outdoor Adventures - This fire pit comes with all necessary accessories, including a weather-resistant cover, carry kit, pressure reducing valve, and ignition stone, ensuring a seamless experience.


Dimensions 19" L x 19" W x 11" H
Weight 30 lbs
Colour Black 
Ignition Type Automatic Ignition

Cover + Carry Kit;

pre-attached 10' hose + regulator;

4.4 lb natural lava rock set;

propane tank stabilizer ring

CSA approved Yes
Compatible Accessories

Standard Carry Bag; 

Natural Gas Conversion Kit 

Assembly Instruction
Propane Firepit 58,000 BTU - Horti Cubic
58000 BTU Propane Gas Fire Pit 19" - Horti Cubic
58000 BTU Propane Gas Fire Pit 19" - Horti Cubic
58000 BTU Propane Gas Fire Pit 19" - Horti Cubic
58000 BTU Propane Gas Fire Pit 19" - Horti Cubic
58000 BTU Propane Gas Fire Pit 19" - Horti Cubic
58000 BTU Propane Gas Fire Pit 19" - Horti Cubic
Propane Firepit 58,000 BTU - Horti Cubic

How We're Smokeless

  • Enhanced Airflow

  • Double Wall Technology

  • Secondary Combustion

Our fire pit features a raised air vent design at the bottom, which allows oxygen to feed the fire even after significant ash buildup, ensuring a consistent and smokeless burn.

Air enters a cavity at the bottom of the fire pit into the double wall. As the fire heats the walls, hot air rises through the gap between the two walls, promoting efficient combustion.

The hot air then exits the double wall through holes around the rim. This pressurized, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke, causing secondary combustion or reburn, significantly reducing smoke output.

Cook Anywhere

  • Grill Grate

  • Grill Pan

  • On-the-Go Cooking Ability

This option comes with a sturdy grill grate, perfect for barbecuing your favorite meats and vegetables over an open flame.

This option includes a flat Pan, ideal for cooking pancakes, eggs, and other flat-top favorites.

Take your outdoor cooking experience anywhere with our versatile fire pit. It comes with a free carrying bag, making it easy to transport whether you're heading to a campsite, the beach, or just moving it around your backyard. The lightweight design and convenient carrying bag ensure that you can enjoy delicious meals and a cozy fire wherever your adventures take you.


Firepits Firepits

Beat the Campfire Ban

Our CSA-approved fire pit is safe to use during most campfire bans, providing you with a reliable option even when traditional campfires are restricted. Always check the current fire restrictions in your area. This spark-free propane campfire helps protect campgrounds and forested areas, offering a safer and easier-to-use fire solution.

Firepits Firepits


Includes pre-attached 10-Ft hose to keep your standard 20-Lb propane tank cylinder (not included) safely out of sight, fully adjustable regulator with chrome valve knob for varying flame height, and 4.4-Lb natural lava rock set designed to enhance flickering effect.



Made with heavy gauge 304 stainless, powdered coating, and an enamel finish, our fire pits will last a lifetime and they’ve got the one year warranty to prove it. 304 stainless steel is one of the most well used and proven steel alloys known to man. Used in everything from kitchen appliances to automotive parts, stainless steel will last forever and resist rust and corrosion. At Horti, we build our products with the best materials so you can buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

Firepits Firepits


  • Outer Diameter:19“
  • Inner Diameter:17.8“
  • Height:12“