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7 x 7 ft Walk in Garden Storage Shed

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    Capacity 300.2 cu. ft.
    Window Count 1
    Door Width 54.6 in/4.7 ft/144 cm
    Door Height 75.6 in/6.3 ft/192 cm
    Exterior Depth 88.1 in/7 ft/214 cm
    Exterior Height 94.43 in/8.2 ft/250 cm
    Exterior Width 88.1 in/7 ft/214 cm
    Minimum Foundation Size 82.7 x 85 in
    Shipping Weight 330.97 lbs
    Interior Depth 79.1 in
    Interior Height 90.5 in
    Interior Width 79.1 in
    Lockable Yes
    Material Double layer Panel resin
    Product Weight 317.79 lbs
    Roof Shape Peak roof
    Weather Resistant Yes
    Waterproof Yes
    Wind resistance rating 6 (39-49 km/h; 24.5-30.5 mph)
    The snow load capacity of the roof 200 kg

    Assembly Instruction

    If you’re worried that adding a storage shed to your yard might make it look clunky, or it might not be big enough, we have the perfect shed for you. The 7x7 storage shed is where luxury meets functionality. This gorgeous 7x7 foot shed will blend in beautifully with your garden and complement your home. When looking at the interior of the shed, you might be surprised to notice that it’s light and airy. This is because it features windows, a skylight, and built-in ventilation. In addition, it has double walls which means you can paint and drill holes on the inside to fit your needs. You can store everything from lawn mowers to bikes in this safe durable shed without having to worry. The 7x7 is weather-resistant and won’t crack, peel, or rust–even over time!

    Features & Benefits

    • Easy-to-maintain shed floor included
    • Improved air flow from built-in ventilation
    • Peace of mind with lockable shed (lock not included)
    • support shelves & hangers (shelves & hangers not included)
    • 326.86 cubic foot storage capacity
    • Super rugged and durable shed with a double wall structure, tongue-in-groove construction, and steel reinforcement
    • Wind resistant up to 90 mph
    • The innovative double walls give it all the durability of resin
    • Skylight and window to let in natural light
    • Enhanced mobility with double doors

    Horti Cubic Walk in 7 x 7 Feet Garden Storage Shed - Horti Cubic
    Horti Cubic Walk in 7 x 7 Feet Garden Storage Shed - Horti Cubic
    Horti Cubic Walk in 7 x 7 Feet Garden Storage Shed - Horti Cubic
    Horti Cubic Walk in 7 x 7 Feet Garden Storage Shed - Horti Cubic
    Horti Cubic Walk in 7 x 7 Feet Garden Storage Shed - Horti Cubic
    Horti Cubic Walk in 7 x 7 Feet Garden Storage Shed - Horti Cubic
    Horti Cubic Walk in 7 x 7 Feet Garden Storage Shed - Horti Cubic

    Feature 7 x 7 Garden Storage Shed

    Resin_Plastic_Sheds Resin_Plastic_Sheds

    BUILT TO LAST, All-weather resistant.

    The Horti Cubic 7 x 7 ft product line is crafted to offer the smooth, grainy appearance and feel of real wood, without the upkeep that real wood requires. Its double-walled construction and steel reinforcements ensure exceptional strength and durability.

    Lockable sheds

    Steel reinforced roof & skylight.

    The 7 x 7 ft shed boasts a robust 4-inch thick tile roof, reinforced with a rafter beam and equipped with a skylight to allow natural light inside.

    Resin_Plastic_Sheds Resin_Plastic_Sheds

    Built-in Ventilation

    Ample airflow to prevent moisture buildup, Say goodbye to musty sheds. This Shed ensures your belongings stay dry, ventilated, and protected year-round.


    Will never peel, splinter, or fade - unlike real wood.

    The 7 x 7 ft Garden shed is the next generation of sheds that feature a classic wood look & feel but needs absolutely no maintenance. The dual-toned design will elevate your backyard.


    Let the sunlight in

    The shed panel features versatile windows that can be installed on either the left or right side, allowing for customized placement to suit your needs. The shed comes equipped with lockable windows, providing both security and natural light. This feature ensures that your belongings are well-protected while maintaining a bright and airy environment inside


    Start by laying out the base on your prepared ground

    There are several different kinds of shed bases, including:

    • Gravel Base: This involves leveling the ground and laying down a thick layer of compacted gravel. It provides stability and drainage. Suitable Conditions: This method is cost-effective and ideal for areas with heavy rainfall.
    • Concrete Slab: Concrete is poured into a prepared frame to create a solid and level foundation. It offers exceptional durability and protection. Suitable Conditions: Long-term use; provides excellent moisture protection.
    • Wooden Piers: Involve setting treated wood posts into the ground to support the shed. Suitable for uneven terrain and relatively easy to construct. Suitable
    • Conditions: Work well on uneven ground and provide a sturdy support system.
    • Plastic Shed Base Kits: Consists of interlocking plastic grids filled with gravel or soil. They offer stability and permanence.